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Dr. Inessa Jacobs specializes in optometric vision therapy and developmental vision care for both adults and children with a wide range of vision disorders.

Comprehensive Eye Care and Vision Therapy

Specializing in Vision Therapy

Vision therapy aids to improve eye teaming, eye movement and tracking skills, to assure the two eyes are working together correctly, and that the individual is processing visual information at an age appropriate level. Good vision goes beyond 20/20.  Binocularity is crucial for good visual function in every day life, including school, work, and sports performance.

Pediatric Eye Care

Has your child been evaluated by an eye care specialist? Eye exams for children are very important to ensure your child's eyes are healthy and have no vision problems that could interfere with school performance and potentially affect your child's safety. Early eye exams also are important because children need the following visual skills that are essential for optimal learning: excellent visual acuity at all distances, accurate and comfortable eye teaming skills, accurate eye movement skills,  and accurate and comfortable focusing skills.

Myopia Control

Has your child been diagnosed with myopia, or nearsightedness? There are several effective treatment options available that can slow down the progression of this condition to improve quality of life, quality of vision and to take preventative measures to prevent future ocular disease.

Eye Exams

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Eye Exams

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